Friday, May 8, 2009

Achievement by yoga

My sadhana is not a freak, a monstrosity, or a miracle done outside the laws of Nature and the conditions of life and consciousness on earth. If I could do these things or if they could happen in my yoga, it means that they can be done and that therefore these developments and transformations are possible in the terrestrial consciousness …I had no urge towards spirituality in me, I developed spirituality. I was incapable of understanding metaphysics, I developed into a philosopher. I had no eye for painting –I developed it by yoga. I transformed my nature from what it was to what it was not. I did it by a special manner, not by a miracle and I did it to show what could be done and how it could be done. I did not do it out of any personal necessity of my own or by a miracle without any process. I say that if it is not so, then my yoga is useless and my life was a mistake-a mere absurd freak of Nature without meaning or consequence. [Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-I, 139]

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Swami said...

It is a pleasure to find blogs that talk about Sri Aurobindo and Mother. With your permission, I will visit your blog often.